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Our process is meticulous and artisanal to ensure we amaze children and adults alike.


All hands on deck!

The process starts as soon as we receive your child’s name, hair colour and skin tone. Then we take your selection and put it in the queue to print. You have 12 hours to make any changes to your drawing, name or personal message. Meanwhile, the team gets to work...literally...and starts building your little one’s paper world.



Pop-up books are complex but fun! We fold every page by hand and personalise with precision. When the sheets become mountains, forests and waterfalls and the characters have come to life, we print your selection (text and protagonist) and personalise your story. Your little one is then the star of the world’s first personalised pop-up book!


Your little one and their paper world!

Your little one’s paper world is ready to ship! We prepare your order and add our learning guide, a document that will help the storyteller answer any questions and teach your special star some fun facts about the story.


As you can see, our creation process is artisanal and a little longer than usual. It will take us around 10 days to create your paper world and ship it to your door. But not to worry, we promise that your child’s smile will be worth the wait when they discover this wonderful paper world. If you need to speed up the process, please request an express service or write to us at