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Who wrote the story?
This thrilling adventure was written by the fabulous Susanna Isern. Susanna is a child psychologist and has several best-selling books to her name. Among her works are Inspector Croc’s Emotion-O-Meter, Daniela the Pirate and The Music of the Sea, which was awarded a gold medal in the Spanish language category of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in 2017.

Who did the illustrations?
The book’s amazing illustrations were done by Esther Gili, the illustrator behind notable works including Olivia’s feathers, El lenguaje de las olas and Palabras de Sirena, among others.

Who is behind the paper engineering?
The magical folds that give life and depth to this adventure are the work of designer and paper engineer Yoojin Kim, a genuine paper sculpture expert.

How do I personalise my story?
Head to We will ask if your little one is a boy or girl. Once you’ve answered that, you’ll be able to pick a hair colour and skin tone, add their name and write a loving message. They will be over the moon!

How long is the message?
You have 95 characters to write an unforgettable message.

What are the different personalisation options?
We currently have two genders to choose from: boy or girl. For each gender, we have six personalisation options combining hair and skin colour.

What if I make a mistake?
You have 12 hours to modify your order. We’ll send you two emails to remind you that you can make changes. The first will be sent with your order confirmation and the second six hours later.

If you notice the mistake within the first 24 hours, write to us at and we’ll change it.

Can I add more than one protagonist?
We are currently unable to include two or three protagonists in the same story but we can certainly create two or three books (as many as you like, in fact!) so that no one feels left out.

What languages are available?
Your little one’s adventure is currently available in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Catalan and Basque.

How much is it?
Each adventure costs €40.

When will I receive it?
Your adventure will be handmade in Spain. We lovingly and carefully create each book one by one. As a result, production and shipping combined can take up to two weeks. We’ll drop you an email at every step of the way before you get your book.

Can I return it?
Given that the books are personalised, we do not accept returns. However, in the event that your book arrives damaged or faulty, we will replace it at no additional cost. You and your little one deserve the best!