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We love toy theatres, fun endings and…some even say we have super powers! By joining forces and doing what we do best, we create paper words for your children so that they can star in their own screen-free adventure.


Fabulastic is screen-free fun. A mix of our passions and childhood memories: the toy that never left your side, the character you loved to dress up as and the book you read over and over again…

To create Fabulastic we worked with some of the world’s greatest literary minds to offer a fun and multisensory alternative to screens. Say goodbye to mobile phones, tablets and computers and enjoy a story without pressing play.

“We love seeing how the interaction and movement of our paper world catches children’s attention without a mobile in sight!” - Joao


“We remember our own adventures and want your little one to remember this one. Not only because of what’s on its pages, but because of how they feel being part of it.” - Elsa


 “When they realise they’re the star of the story, this not only creates a link between the book and the child, but it fires up their imagination and they ask question after question.” - Marta