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 Personalised children’s gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect personalised gift for boys or the perfect personalised gift for girls, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Fabulastic has the most original personalised gift for your little one, an unforgettable, timeless and unique personalised gift that will allow you to enjoy amazing adventures, with your child as the star of the story.


Tell us if they're a boy or girl and together we'll create an unforgettable story.

Fabulastic is the world’s first personalised pop-up book. 

A magical, original, unimaginable and creative present that will be loved by children and parents alike. To give the present of reading is to give the give of quality time, improving your child’s imagination and creativity, developing their empathy and providing visual downtime by taking them away from screens. 

A book of this type not only immerses little ones in a fascinating adventure, but also improves their psychomotor skills thanks to the colourful illustrations and three dimensions. Not only that, but Fabulastic is handmade. 

Since Day 1, we’ve poured all our enthusiasm for this project into every single book, building each one with love and care so that your personalised gift reaches your little one, just as they deserve.

This original personalised children’s gift has secret, movable flaps that allow little ones to discover all the ins and outs of the story and its adorable characters. Your child will experience the story first hand, as the star of this fantastic adventure. Together with their adorable animal friends, your little one will set off on an adventure-filled journey through the forest. There really is no better present for your child! 

Enjoy quality time with Fabulastic. 

So, whether you’re looking for a personalised gift for girls or a personalised gift for boys, Fabulastic is without a doubt your best bet. Help us to personalise the book with your little one’s name, appearance and language, and add the cherry on the cake with a personal message. We will then build it by hand and ship your special little person’s present direct to you.

Enjoy family time with Fabulastic. 

This personalised storybook for children's from 2 to 3 year olds can be enjoyed by all. Read the story to your little one while they discover all the secrets that Fabulastic has in store, as they become the star of their new favourite story. Turn the pages, unfold the scenes, lift the flaps, discover the moving parts and enjoy this children's book time and again. Magical, colourful and fun, its wonderful characters will guide your little boy or girl through this fantastic adventure.


The best gift is to experience this adventure together. Are you ready?

Choosing the perfect personalised gift .

And, sure, we know that choosing the perfect personalised gift for a child is a challenge and that the options are endless, but there is always something perfect out there—such as Fabulastic—which never disappoints as a personalised gift for boys or a personalised gift for girls. Little ones will be delighted with this personalised gift and even parents who worry about what to get their kids will fall in love with the best personalised children’s gift that Fabulastic has to offer: A personalised pop-up book. 

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The adventure of your little one

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Even the youngest children are able to interact.

A 3D adventure, without a screen in sight, where your little one is the star. Fabulastic’s design means that even the youngest children are able to interact with these perfect personalised children`s gift. The book’s size allows you to hold it between your hands and makes exploring it an exciting adventure. The best present isn’t always the biggest, but Fabulastic is out front even in that department. Because not only is it personalised, but it’s breathtakingly big too! An extraordinary personalised children’s gift that can only be topped by the exciting adventure that awaits between its pages, where your little reader will enjoy taking centre stage.

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Tell us if they're a boy or girl and together we'll create an unforgettable story.

Free shipping when buying 2 books