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We love toy theatres, fun endings and…some even say we have super powers! By joining forces and doing what we do best, we create paper words for your children so that they can star in their own screen-free adventure.
Fabulastic is screen-free fun. A mix of our passions and childhood memories: the toy that never left your side, the character you loved to dress up as and the book you read over and over again…
To create Fabulastic we worked with some of the world’s greatest literary minds to offer a fun and multisensory alternative to screens. Say goodbye to mobile phones, tablets and computers and enjoy a story without pressing play.

“We love seeing how the interaction and movement of our paper world catches children’s attention without a mobile in sight!” - Joao


“We remember our own adventures and want your little one to remember this one. Not only because of what’s on its pages, but because of how they feel being part of it.” - Elsa


 “When they realise they’re the star of the story, this not only creates a link between the book and the child, but it fires up their imagination and they ask question after question.” - Marta

Through customisation and three dimensions, Fabulastic has created a new format and a fun and educational 3D alternative to screens.
Personalising the story allows children to identify and empathise with the book’s
characters. As the star of this adventure, they will experience every discovery and achievement for themselves, which will in turn boost their confidence and
self‐esteem. The three‐dimensional format adds depth and perspective and, like screens, allows little ones to interact with the story, discover the book’s hidden details and delight in shapes and colours. A fun experience that will improve their psychomotor skills and spatial intelligence.
This interaction between the child and book provides grownups with a chance to spend quality time with their little one, as the presence of an adult will help children to really get to grips with their ‘paper world’. The adult’s job is very important – they will need to demonstrate their storytelling superpowers through fun and interactive narration to encourage the child to engage with each and every element of the book, as well as answer any curious questions that crop up along the way.

If parents and teachers can agree on one thing, it is that developing children’s minds and imagination is of the utmost importance. For that reason, given that it is both fun and educational, reading is a hit amongst children and adults alike, as discovering stories together boosts creativity and memory skills, as well as reasoning, problem‐solving and empathy.  With that in mind, and fondly remembering their favourite books from their own childhoods, Joao, Elsa and Marta have created Fabulastic, a new publishing company founded with the aim of inspiring children to read, providing grownups with a chance to spend quality time with their favourite little person. To entertain the whole family, Fabulastic has fused two of the most popular children’s literary formats and created a brand new category: the world’s first personalised pop‐up book.