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The best children’s books for Christmas

Posted by Samara Martínez on

Christmas is around the corner and, as always, this year books are at the top of the list. Do you know which to get your little one?

A time as exciting as Christmas deserves presents to match. And that’s why the gifts that never fail are children’s books and stories: a window into another world where they can develop their imagination as well as many other useful skills for the future.

Reading is not only a wonderful experience overflowing with emotion and adventures; it is also a fundamental basis for learning. Reading comprehension plays a very important role in our ability to (i) understand more complex texts going forward and (ii) draw ideas and inspiration from the written word, two skills which we also develop through the act of reading itself. To make progress, it’s important that we understand the texts we have in front of us and, in that sense, story books and children’s novels are perfect. So, how do we encourage our little ones to get into the habit of reading every day? Well, there’s nothing better than amazing stories adapted to their abilities which also nurture their empathy, curiosity and imagination, as well as providing countless other benefits which we’ll uncover in this post on the best children’s books for Christmas.


Reading for little ones

Momentous events

What better way to start your voyage into the world of reading than by learning about your own exciting daily adventures!? Why do I have to go to bed at night? Why can’t I have my dummy forever? Don’t I need nappies anymore? What happens at school? And do I really have to take a bath every single day?

Sometimes, seemingly straightforward concepts are difficult for little ones to grasp. Finding out the answers to these questions in a fun way will be a huge relief for parents and children alike. Children have fantastic memories—they’re like sponges—so learning something new while having fun will create lifelong memories, as well as teaching them that reading can help them face many of life’s problems. Yes, little one, books have more answers than you can possibly imagine. And what’s more, sometimes these stories come with wonderful illustrations where you can see protagonists such as your own child overcoming these dilemmas. Plus, not only do they teach us many valuable lessons, but books also show us that we’re never alone. Now, isn’t that amazing?


A bedtime story?

Teaching your little one shouldn’t be based on setting limits or boundaries, but showing them a world of actions and consequences that goes beyond your own rules. To teach your child how to manage their emotions and about new realities, there is nothing better than stories with a moral message, otherwise known as fables.

Many popular children’s tales end in an important life lesson, including The Ugly Duckling, The Hare and the Tortoise and The Ant and the Grasshopper, among others. A copy of any of these books will go down a treat with your favourite small person, as well as being easy reading before bed, which will no doubt encourage learning and a good night’s sleep.


Reading for not so little ones

Beautiful illustrations

When your little ones aren’t so little anymore and start to read by themselves, their favourite books tend be those that have illustrations that they love to look at time and again. And although what we’re interested in here is the reading side of things, we also want their experience of having a book between their hands to be as pleasurable as possible and, above all, really fun too! It’s totally normal for little ones to get frustrated when they’re learning to read, to feel as though they’re not making progress with a story and that it’d be much easier to sit in front of the TV instead, but pictures will give them a confidence boost, placing them in the context of the story in a way that is more straightforward and, let’s face it, more visually appealing as well.

Personalised stories

As well as incredible illustrations, can you imagine being able to personalise a book? There is lots of choice on the market. All you have to do is choose one of the available characters and enter your little one’s name. And how about a pop-up book?

Pop-up books have been a huge hit in recent years and, given their originality, they are increasingly in demand. A book that’s not only a book, but an amazing feat of paper engineering to boot! Three dimensions without a screen in sight, to be opened and enjoyed as many times as you like. Not only that, but Fabulastic creates pop-up books so that, as well as being the star of the show, your little one literally jumps out of the book too. Bonus points for you for Christmas 2020!



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