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Our good friend reading

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Reading is a leisure activity enjoyed by children and adults alike. Not only is it a fantastic source of pleasure and fun, but it has many other benefits too. Reading is a way to escape reality, travel to new worlds and live out our dreams and fantasies. Discovering stories also boosts creativity, which is another important source of satisfaction. Creativity is useful for problem solving and gives us an advantage in everything we do, allowing us to leave our mark and make every activity unique.

When we read, we use a lot of brainpower, exercising the mind to keep it alive and well and stimulating our memory and reasoning. It also improves our attention span and concentration. Moreover, reading is known to improve our language skills as we learn new vocabulary and gain a greater understanding of spelling and syntax.



To reap the benefits, it is important that we choose quality materials with well-written and engaging plots. Stories that excite us and, above all, leave a lasting impression. Remember that our tastes and interests are as diverse as we are and that stories which may seem full of wonder and magic to some can prove boring and dull to others. Choosing the right book is therefore crucial as well as very personal.

The most important thing, however, is that we take reading with us wherever we go. Because even when we’re not glued to a good book, everything we’ve ever read will always form a part of who we are. Reading never leaves us and even provides great life lessons, giving us answers at times when we feel uncertain or scared.
Reading is a lifelong friend.

Susanna Isern, children’s writer and psychologist.

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