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Halloween with your little ones and at home

Posted by Elsa Viegas on

This year trick or treating is going to need an injection of imagination.


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Halloween is upon us! The creepiest night of the year comes with restrictions this year, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little imagination and some top tips for a terror-filled family night. But… where does this celebration come from? Why do we ask for sweets? And what if someone doesn’t give me any sweets? All of these questions have an answer:


Halloween dates back to times of pagan festivals. Paganism mixed with a bit of religion, looooads of fear – well, a little bit – and time, and what you get is this celebration where pumpkins take on a certain spooky appearance. However, the origins of Halloween lie not in the United States but in the United Kingdom. Its name comes from the phrase “All Hallows’ Eve”, another name for All Saints’ Eve. This English celebration, now popularised in an American style, attracts more people each year, especially children keen to dress up in costumes and stuff themselves with sweets and chocolate.  The Celts believed that they had to give the dead what they wanted, or they would come back to haunt them. That’s where today’s tradition of children in spooky fancy dress going from door to door shouting “Trick or treat!” comes from.

So, if your little one comes to you tonight in his ghost outfit and asks for something… believe us, you’d better give it to him!


3 tips for Halloween with the family

This year it’s going to be a ghoulishly brilliant Halloween, but at home! Don’t worry, it can be just as fun. Ready for some tips?


1- Atmosphere

With just a little bit of stuff and a lot of imagination you can so some really breathtaking things. Can’t go out? Don’t worry, we’ll make it so that your house tops the scariest street in town. Turn on your TV and add a little atmosphere with this video full-screen.


2- Food

Well, you’ve got to have sweets, of course, but also pumpkin-shaped biscuits, devilled eggs which look like eyes, sausages that look like severed fingers… there are hundreds of spooky foods and recipes that you can turn into a hair-raising feast this Halloween.

 Halloween cupcakes for children

3- Fancy dress

It wouldn’t be Halloween without someone dressed as a ghost in a sheet, a zombie with sunken eyes and ripped clothes, a vampire with ketchup dribbling down their chin, or Frankenstein with bolts glued to their neck… But what you can’t do is go as the invisible man and disappear!

 Halloween fancy dress kid

And you? How will you celebrate this Halloween? What are you going to dress up as? Tell us all about it in the comments. We read it all!


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